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5850 issues with Windows 7 x64?

I built a pc about 2 weeks ago, and had ordered windows 7, so while i was waiting on the disc i had xp installed and was playing some games, everything ran fine. after i got windows 7 installed im experiencing freezing and crashing during games from time to time. I have the latest drivers so im really not sure what the problem would be, anybody else experiencing similar issues?

im running with
i7 920
asrock x58 extreme
6gb ocz ddr3
antec 650w
hd 5850

no overclocks

any help would be appreciated, thanks
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  1. Did you upgrade the Xp installation you already had to 7 or did you do a clean install?
  2. Oh wait forgot you can't upgrade Xp to 7 anyway lol
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    well ive been trying a few things, and so far its been working fine, ive been playing games for probably around 2 hours with no issues so ill be keeping an eye on it. but i was looking around in the BIOS just out of desperation, and noticed that the primary graphics adapter was set to PCI not PCI express, so i switched that, im not sure if that would have much to do with anything. this was my first build and im still learing a lot. also id been noticing my card was running at around 80 degrees celcius so i thought maybe that was too hot? so i enabled manual fan control and set it to 45% and it hasnt gone over 70 degrees since then so that might have something to do with it as well, like i said im not too sure and ill be keeping an eye on it.

    just updating for anybody who might have the same problems.

    also, is there any reason i shoulnt use the manual fan control? if i let the card run by itself i dont think the fan ever went beyond 23%.
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