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Hi guys, I have a problem with my monitor output changing when I play games. I only have one monitor connected via hdmi to my video card. It's sli. It seems to be set as the only monitor in all the settings but for some reason if I start a game the display output changes so I have to pull the connector out and change it to the second connector for the display to work again. When I close the game, I have to switch it back.

I had this same problem back in Vista but somehow it stopped, I am running Windows 7 now.

Does anyone know how I can solve this? Thanks.
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  1. I've had something similar to that happen with an SLi rig a while back and it was a driver issue but I wasn't using HDMI, what driver version are you using?
  2. I'm using 195.62
  3. Does the same thing happen if you use the DVI port?
  4. Oh, the port on the video card is dvi, the cable is dvi-hdmi to the monitor. Each card has two dvi ports( 2x 8800gt). I don't think it's linked to just one of the ports because I have had to switch it between them and it seems like the display output just gets changed to the opposite port that I was using.
  5. It's definitely a driver issue, the only thing to do is try an older driver until you get one that works then reinstall the newer driver over the top.
  6. I just tried 165.39. Seems to work fine now. Thanks.
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