Abit IC7 Max3 - Windows7 ?

Has anyone been able to install Windows7 via a RAID 0 array on the Sil 3114 chip on an Abit IC7 Max3 board?

The driver here: http://www.siliconimage.com/products/product.aspx?pid=28 is not being recognized as the correct driver.
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  1. On AbitIC&-MAX3 - Two separate RAID 1 (not RAID 0) on Win 7 32 bit with XP 32 bit drivers. System was stable for a week or so then began to drop drives out of each array. They would rebuild for a while then drop again. This continued with new SATA connectors and a new drive on one SI3114 RAID 1 as a test. So I don't think it's a drive error.

    Both my XP and Win7 system OS are on different devices on Intel RAID chip so I switched back to the XP OS disks and both RAID 1 on the SI3114 chip are stable again. These were the same drives that were stable in XP that became unstable in Win 7.

    Don't know the cause. Some SI3114 comments mention .NET. I noticed a SI "awaken" service installed in Win 7 that was not in XP. Still a mystery. Awaiting more comments.
  2. did you trying swapping to the Windows7 driver for the Sil 3114 chip after installing Windows7 ?
  3. The first part of the installation was to find drivers suitable for the SI3114 controller in Win 7. This required much searching. Silicon Image declines end user support but I found a link to their site for drivers that were supposed to work in Win 7. They did not, therefore, the attempt to use newer XP drivers which at least enabled Win 7 to recognize the drives as a RAID. With the onset of instability I have decided to migrate my RAID volumes to NAS and fall back to simple storage on this PC. This will at least give life to the PC and provide a storage bridge to the next one. Thanks for the comment.
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