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Hi guys, I am going water cooling, but I need a new case. I saw that the Lian Li's PC-A77F is a very nice case. It have 120x3 intake fans and tons of interior space. However, I am not sure if I can put a Thermochill Pa 120.3 radiator at the front. Can anyone help me have a look? (
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  1. That's a good question. Unfortunately I'm not into water cooling so I don't have an answer. Conumdrum is pretty knowledgeable about water cooling. Maybe he'll see the thread title and provide an answer.
  2. Thx for the quite reply, maybe i'll just wait for him to go online
  3. As much as I love that case, putting that rad. in front is a bad idea. It will push the hot air form the radiator into the case. The only case I've ever seen that can easily fit a triple rad. without mods is my case, the Silverstone TJ07.

    Sadly it is pretty expensive, but you can try to win it here:

    The radiator can fit on the bottom with part of it beside the PSU.

    I'm on my second TJ07, my first was sold back in 2007 only 3 months after buying it because of some financial troubles in the amount of ~$250. I then bought an Antec 900 for $40 on sale at Newegg. Well a year ago I saw the exact same model for sale, windows-less and silver, and I just had to have it. Ended up paying $100 + $50 for shipping. I'm so happy with it, pictures don't do it justice.
  4. For the Silverstone TJ07, If put the Triple 120 radiator on the bottom part, Will I be able to put the Enermax Rev.85 Psu? will anything interfere with it? Also, Will I be able to a Double 120 Radiator on the top?

    One more thing, (might be a bit off topic), Do I need any intake fan for a water-cooled system? I am just thinking of water-cooling my Cpu and Vga.
  5. Yes the PSU should fit fine, as long as the top fan is pointing away from the rad. Yes a 240 rad. sgould work fine on top. As for the intake fan, you will need a 5.25" bay HDD cooler.
  6. This thread is probably dead but i'll say something anyways.
    I would recommend getting this top panel
    You can mount a triple 120mm radiator on the top with this which is a lot nicer and easier than mounting it in the front. This will also make your rad out of the way.
    I just ordered the P80R ATI dtition at great expense ($800 AUD) due to the fact it's on the list of 10ish cases that support XL-ATX (EVGA 4 WAY mobo) and has 10 pci slots. and it's the sikest case EVER!
    The water cooling potential isn't as good as the A77F as you can easily mount a 360 radiator as the PSU is down the bottom.
    I could go on forever but i'm probs talking to a wall.
    If anyone wants to water cool this case i'll go into detail on a few ways to do it well and if your in Perth (no one is anyways) i can do it for you.

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