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Lian Li's PC-A77F

Last response: in Components
February 6, 2010 7:18:58 PM

Hi guys, I am going water cooling, but I need a new case. I saw that the Lian Li's PC-A77F is a very nice case. It have 120x3 intake fans and tons of interior space. However, I am not sure if I can put a Thermochill Pa 120.3 radiator at the front. Can anyone help me have a look? (

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February 6, 2010 7:28:22 PM

That's a good question. Unfortunately I'm not into water cooling so I don't have an answer. Conumdrum is pretty knowledgeable about water cooling. Maybe he'll see the thread title and provide an answer.
February 6, 2010 7:34:36 PM

Thx for the quite reply, maybe i'll just wait for him to go online
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February 7, 2010 3:21:43 AM

As much as I love that case, putting that rad. in front is a bad idea. It will push the hot air form the radiator into the case. The only case I've ever seen that can easily fit a triple rad. without mods is my case, the Silverstone TJ07.

Sadly it is pretty expensive, but you can try to win it here:

The radiator can fit on the bottom with part of it beside the PSU.

I'm on my second TJ07, my first was sold back in 2007 only 3 months after buying it because of some financial troubles in the amount of ~$250. I then bought an Antec 900 for $40 on sale at Newegg. Well a year ago I saw the exact same model for sale, windows-less and silver, and I just had to have it. Ended up paying $100 + $50 for shipping. I'm so happy with it, pictures don't do it justice.
February 7, 2010 8:50:47 AM

For the Silverstone TJ07, If put the Triple 120 radiator on the bottom part, Will I be able to put the Enermax Rev.85 Psu? will anything interfere with it? Also, Will I be able to a Double 120 Radiator on the top?

One more thing, (might be a bit off topic), Do I need any intake fan for a water-cooled system? I am just thinking of water-cooling my Cpu and Vga.
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February 7, 2010 1:53:32 PM

Yes the PSU should fit fine, as long as the top fan is pointing away from the rad. Yes a 240 rad. sgould work fine on top. As for the intake fan, you will need a 5.25" bay HDD cooler.
April 27, 2010 12:58:32 PM

This thread is probably dead but i'll say something anyways.
I would recommend getting this top panel
You can mount a triple 120mm radiator on the top with this which is a lot nicer and easier than mounting it in the front. This will also make your rad out of the way.
I just ordered the P80R ATI dtition at great expense ($800 AUD) due to the fact it's on the list of 10ish cases that support XL-ATX (EVGA 4 WAY mobo) and has 10 pci slots. and it's the sikest case EVER!
The water cooling potential isn't as good as the A77F as you can easily mount a 360 radiator as the PSU is down the bottom.
I could go on forever but i'm probs talking to a wall.
If anyone wants to water cool this case i'll go into detail on a few ways to do it well and if your in Perth (no one is anyways) i can do it for you.