HD 5850 in Dell Studio Desktop?

I was wondering if anyone else has installed a Radeon HD 5850 in a Dell Studio Desktop yet? I measured the inside of the case and it seems like it will fit pretty well but I was wondering if anyone else had already done it?
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  1. Can you fit a ruler between the PCI-E slot and the hard-drive bays? If so, you're good!
  2. Lol the 5850 isn't as much of a cinder block as the 5870 xD
    It's only 9.5" long.
    And I did use a tape measure and I had 10" of space if I remember correctly.
  3. *Bump*
  4. The only thing I see wrong is that dell desktops probably don't have good cooling!
  5. This one actually has great ventilation :]
    The only real disadvantage it would have when it comes to cooling is it doesn't have a front intake fan.
    It has so many vents in the perfect locations though that I don't think that poses a huge problem.
    The average temps for the 4670 I have now are 34C idle 53C load so it can't be too bad.
  6. My main concern as I said before is whether or not there is enough space.
  7. that psu is a little light for that card!
  8. Oh trust me I know what I'm doing I got a new psu to go with it.
    Corsair 750TX: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817139006
    60a on the 12v rail should be enough ^.^
  9. ok cool ..should work great!
  10. left side panel off if overheating issues start
  11. Well it arrived earlier today and it fits very well :D
    I had to remove the hard drive when I first inserted the card but I put it right back afterwards.
    The only problem was the power supply.
    The power supply itself wasn't that big but the cords were the size of anacondas!
    What I ended up doing was bundling the extra cables and leaving them on the outside of the case so as the others mentioned I had to leave the side off anyway.
    For future reference if you're going to install a new power supply in a Dell Studio Desktop GET A MODULAR ONE!!!
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