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I have an old Presario 5700T case in good shape that I would like to use with a much newer ECS mobo, I have a nice Thermaltake power supply that can handle the 775 CPU, fan etc...I would like to utilize the OEM Presario power button if possible, it consists of 6 wires in a 7 pin straight connector, whereas the ECS board shows the power connector as a 10 pin (1 blocked) utilizing 8 wires , I know from upgrading and old HP that just 2 need to make momentary contact to turn on, but I would like to have the power and HD led's functional on this system, the button has the six wires, white, blue and green on one side of the pin block and yellow,orange and red on the other side.
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  1. What's missing? The reset switch?

    You could use cable extensions to split out the pairs from the case wiring.
    Extension cables

    ANd if you need a case speaker:
  2. It seems to have a power LED and a HD LED , I was able to find the two (blue and white) that triggers the power up, just wanted to try to utilize both...
  3. If you are talking using both the blue and white wires, you need bothto complete the circuit.
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