How far would I be able to overclock an i7-2600 with the stock cooler?

So, I'm buying an Intel Core i7-2600 (not 2600k) processor and for my new build. I plan on using the stock Intel heatsink and fan, but am interested in overclocking the CPU. Starting at 3.4GHz, how high would I be able to overclock the processor with the system remain stable, cool, and quiet? Would I be able to overclock at all with the stock cooler?

Just for those wondering, here's the rest of my build:
CPU- Intel Core i7-2600
RAM- 8GB Crucial Ballistix
SSD- OCZ Petrol 64GB
HDD- 1TB Western Digital Caviar Blue
PSU- 600W Corsair Builder Series

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  1. About 5-6% via raising the BCLK which is pretty pointless. If you plan to overclock get the 2600K otherwise get the 2600. Since this PC looks like a gaming PC consider getting the 2500K with an aftermarket cooler( say a Cooler Master 212+) and overclock the living hell out of it.
  2. You technically can overclock the i7-2600, but with a locked multiplier, you have to use other methods that are far riskier than it is worth. Even if you went for it, the OC would be minimal.

    That said, let's say you had a 2600k. I wouldn't recommend overclocking it at all on the stock cooler. In fact, I'd recommend against using the stock cooler on the non-K cooler, without overclocking. The stock cooler is kinda sucky.
  3. I own a 2600 (non-K) and I haven't seen any reason that it needs to overclock; 4 cores/8 threads @ 3.4.

    It's far more powerful than you need for almost anything currently out there.
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