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I am build a new gaming computer primarily to play oblivion. I want to get decent frame rates (20-30 fps minimum) preferably 30+ with a bunch of texture mods namely qtp3. Which card should I get? my budget is roughly $100 to 150, here are my specs:

Motherboard - MSI 785gm-e65
CPU - Athlon II x2 245 @ 3.3ghz
Ram - 2gb ddr3
Hard drive: WD 7200rpm 1TB
Case: Antec 300
PSU - Thermaltake tr2 600w
Windows 7 pro 64-bit

I was thinking possibilities were: gts 250 1gb, gtx 260, radeon 4770 512mb, radeon 4850 1gb, radeon 4870 1gb, maybe even 4890 1gb if i could find it cheap enough.
Which of those would give me 30ish minimum frame rates without costing too much?
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  1. All of those cards would destroy Oblivion in framerates.

    WAY over 30FPS, So go with one that fits your budget/ future proofing plan.

    But Probably the ATI 4870 would be your best bet, If you can find a 4890 for cheap do it!
  2. I know they would be overkill on the game w/o mods but with texture mods it can be much more demanding
    btw 1280 x 1024 resolution
  3. No even with the mods, they will destroy the game.

    No worries go with your max amount of budget and you wont regret it.

    But as i said before, the ATI 4870 is the best choice IMO.
  4. 2 years ago, I was playing Oblivion with 40fps average with nearly all settings turned to high at 1280x1024 - this was with a $30 7600GT

    I then bought a $50 4650 DDR2 and was able to play it with 50fps average, the game maxed out with AA at x4.

    Then I played it with a 9800GTX/GTX+ (equivalent to a 4850) and got 70+fps on average with AA maxed out as well.

    Then I played it with a 4870 and got 90+fps on average with everything maxed out.
  5. Thanks, I think I'll look for a 4870, if I can get it for ~140 or so or else just a 4850/gts 250
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