Disk.Sys And Raid 0

Hi guys.

I have a Gigabyte Ga ex58 Extreme. and i have 2 raid 0 setups. 2HDs are running Win 7 and the other 2 are running XP 64bit.
now windows 7 runs fine with the no errors whatsoever but the xp 64 system allways crashes with the error disk.sys. i have done some tests and if i disconnect the other raid setup (windows 7) the windows xp setup work fine with no erros.

is there any seloutions please. i would be greatfull for any replys thanks guyes.
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  1. I'm thinking you somehow changed your drive order; Vista and seven don't care where they boot from, Xp is pretty damned picky!

    Might be able to fix it by editing of boot.ini...

    Or, may need to run fixboot from the Recovery Console...
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