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I was reading another thread where a poster said to avoid tall and toothy heatsinks in Ram. Could anyone say if this is generally good advice, and if so why? I understood that they were made that way for better heat dispersion. Thanks!
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    The reason you would want to avoid tall RAM heatsink is if you were using an aftermarket HSF that was hung out over the RAM slots
  2. Ah that makes sense. If I were using a Coolermaster Hyper 212 Plus, which seems to be a consensus favorite, would that be one that could interfere with tall RAM?
  3. Roger that.....The 212+ will for sure interfere with some of the taller RAM heatsinks
  4. no, RAM heatisnks are almost entirely for looks. they don't put out anywhere near enough heat to need their own heatsinks. which is why many people don't like them.

    I currently have 4 sticks of ripjaws x, and had to remove the heatsinks from the first two because i couldn't install my last air cooler. absolutely no heat change.
  5. Wonderful, thank you for the replies!
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  7. @welshmousepk-->Mushkin sinks work quite well, as do, Kingston Hyper-X, and The PI and Flare series from G.Skill in my experience....I do agree that the ripjaws' sinks have no effect what so ever on cooling
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