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hi every body ,

and i 've noticed that the temp of northbridge is too hot as it goes 102 c with stress and 80 without stress .... is it a serious problem ??

by the way the temp of MB is 35 c without stress and 50 c with stress
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  1. is it a problem in my mother board
  2. Hi. I'm running a Gateway TBGM=01 MOBO with the same problem. I went in and worked on the Northbridge as the gunk they put on it was very little and hard like dried bubble gum. Reapplied Arctic Silver 5, but it didn't seem to have any effect. Tis morning it quickly rose to 102C as usual. I finally went into the bios and disabled the smart fan and they are running full out. The temp has dropped to 74C. With this MOBO, there seems to be few third party solutions. Will see if I can find some fans that move a higher volume of air at lower, quieter speeds. I am a former Sheet metal fabricator, so will see about putting and addtional intake fan in the cover as well.
  3. thank you for help
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