Raid card makes very slow boot

i added a combo ide sata raid card to a win 7 system and attached two ide drives
now the system takes several minutes to boot.
its not the part where the system is identifing the drives
that happens quickly
it s the part with the windows logo on the screen
it just sits there and does its thing and its now like 15 minutes and its still doing nothing
i also tried booting from a cd with win pe on it and it does the same thing
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  1. its kind of scary like the cpu lost its processing power or something.
  2. Have you tried removing the RAID card and booting from a Live CD. This may narrow it down to something faulty with the specific RAID card.

    Can you link to the exact RAID card you are using?
  3. Actually the card stopped working at all.
    i am ordering another different model.
  4. So the problem was the faulty RAID card then... ?
  5. yes
    there was no problem after it was removed.
    somehow it was messing with all hardrives i guess.
  6. Hah! I saw just the title of this thread and considered the snide reply "So don't boot with the RAID card." But it turns out that that was the solution.
  7. Lol. The power of simple deduction =)
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