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Hi, which of these vgas are better for overclock sapphire hd 7970 dual-x or msi hd 7970 lightning? i will buy, and reach 1200mhz in the core. 1.3v is enough? Thanks.
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  1. Im not too sure about the 7970's but If you are looking to save big bucks then I would check out the XFX 7950 DD on dabs for £310 which is a brilliant price and with 3 games too, it overclocks like a beast and beats a reference 7970 with no problems, clock for clock the 7950 is 1-4% slower than the 7970 and the 7950 can achieve higher OC's than a reference 7970 in some cases for example the HIS ICE-Q 7950 beats an XFX refernece 7970. But that is in my opinion.

    As for the 7970 I would go with the sapphire, the MSI is IMO overpriced and not OC'd that far.
  2. thanks for your answer, i would like to by the asus gtx 680 but it is almost impossible to find, and i'm without vga.
  3. This is the best HD 7970:

  4. amuffin has this one lol
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