Series of BSOD's, ENJOY!

i recently helped my friend build his new computer from scratch like i did with mine, everything was fine for the first few hours, then during the evening he received his first BSOD.
We thought nothing of it until the next day when he got his second, so we started to freeze the blue screens to check them out, and about 4 blue screens later we composed this list:


I did some research and can make a sence that it is memory/driver related. However i couldt not find a solution to this problem that didnt involve replacing parts so i thought id leave it for you guys to work out!

Current OS - Windows 7 ultimate
MoBo - p5Q SE Plus
GFX - xfx gtx260 (black OC edition)
Ram - Corsair xms2 4 gig (2x2gig)
CPU - Q8300 - 2.66ghz quad core
PSU Antec 650W non modular.

Seeing as its newly built, we updated all drivers the day we installed them and have NOT as of yet done a memtest (need to find a blank CD :P). We have the SAME version of windows 7 as we shared a disk and i am not experiencing any BSOD's so im guessing its not OS related; however we do have different components to eachother in every way so the problem must lie there.

Thanks for your help
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  1. First thing to do is go into bios and force the RAM settings to match what the RAM says. Dont trust the BIOS auto detect.
  2. Thanks for the reply, i tried this after we got the memory management one and after that we just got the system service one, we get a blue screen like 3 times a day, seems to be picking a problem at random, out of the 4 sets i named.
    Also trying to get a bios update for this MoBo to run with windows 7 seems to be hell, not even asus have a solution to that -.-
    Anything else?
    Thanks again
  3. Did you install the intel chipset drivers?
  4. Hmmm,,looks like memory errors ,,are the ram sticks firmly locked in the slots,etc,,etc..:)
  5. YEa we installed all mobo drivers, however i didnt check to see if ram was locked firmly, i would assume that if it reckognises 4gb installed in the system then they would have been, but ill check anyway
    Again, thanks for the feedback guys, keep em coming
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