SSD filling up too fast

I recently put a Mushkin enhanced 120gb ssd in a new build. for some reason, after installing windows, a few programs, and a bunch of updates. the drive is saying its 44.8 gb full. ive set to view hidden folders and selected everything in the c drive and the total of the properties only came out to about 13.5 gb of data.. any idea whats going on? i read somewhere that the older firmware was causing issues but i just got this drive about a week ago so i have a feeling its already on the newer firmware.

i have another 60gb of the same version that doesnt seem to have the same issue.

any help is appreciated
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  1. I have only Windows 7 64 bit installed on my C: drive (HDD partition) and it takes 40.3GB. So if you have the same OS your situation is normal.
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