New build - win 7 - 4850 - what's next?

I put it all together, it boots, win 7 installed. I've done the basic Win7 updates. What do I need to do to make the video card do all it needs to? can I assume the driver that installed with win 7 is just a basic ati driver?

HW: Visiontek 4850 1GB, asrock p55 extreme, i5 750, 4GB RAM
SW: Win 7 Pro x64

If I download ati catalyst, does that include the updated drivers? Does the ATI software work equally well for all card vendors, or should I look for visiontek specific drivers?

I can't tell yet if Aero is running - the display looks pretty generic so far. I assume I have enough juice to run that, maybe it's that the correct driver isn't installed yet?

Any thoughts/tips appreciated.
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  1. Download the latest ATI Catalyst 9.11. That's all you need to install.
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    ATI Catalyst Drivers & Software Suite 9.11 for Windows 7 64-bit:
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