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I have a dv6 6184ca. Can i use modified bios used with dv6 6135dx to overclock the 6750m, and are they safe and stable?
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  1. Are you getting the bios from the HP website? which gpu drivers are you using?
  2. The bios i want to use is a modified f.21. I am running stock hp f.21 now the ones i'm asking about are modified to overclock the dedicated 6750m. I am using latest drivers for this laptop off hp website.
  3. Have you tried overclocking the cpu? I have the same laptop and I overclocked my cpu using k10stat154, and it increased my wei score from 6.6 cpu to 7.0 and it also increased my graphics score. All you have to do is google overclock amd a8-3500,and it will pull up a simple you tube video with instructions, I believe this will yield better results than overclocking your gpu.
  4. yeah ive done all that and have some pretty good settings. guess i've maxed it out as far as is safely possible. overclocking the 6750m through bios yeilds more heat than performance gains, in reviews i've read.
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