Advice on Graphics card for Black Friday p6210y

Hey Folks! I know that alot of people on this site shy away from buying from major retailers but I am not exacly a computer hardware expert and I dont ask alot from my PC so I never build. So onto my question I went out and bought the black friday HP p6210y from best buy. I have been doing a good amount of research on the computer and compiled some information I hope that someone can analyze for me and give me there best judgement on a good video card on a $80 budget for this pc. The specs are found here....

and someone dug up the motherboard info here...

Alot of specualtion is that it is a slightly upgraded HP P6210Y which would give it a 300w power supply. I havent opened it yet so if you need any additional information off of it let me know.

The monitor specs can be found at

I beleive its max resolution is 1600 x 900 pixels

I am not looking to add another powersupply or anything of the like...I will use the comp for normal home PC use and to play everquest 2 and eventually the new star wars MMO coming out next year. If anyone can help me out and keep me at or under budget it would be great! Thanks in advance for all of your help!
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  1. If you aren't interested in upgrading the PSU then you'll want an HD4670
  2. What is a good brand/model?
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