After todays Mobo Article, lets find out which brand is everyones FAV!

I think it will be very interesting to see which brand is everyone favorite. I am using the brands of newegg.

Feel free to say which brand and a reason as to why. Also feel free to say which you like least.
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  1. I will start. MSI being my favorite due to the easy to use overclocking software, the way the board looks (not funky/ugly like foxconn/biostar), The load screen is nice i dont have to look at random drives booting.

    Brand i dont like is ECS, i bought 2 boards from them, the first was "ok" nothing special no software. The second didnt even allow for overclocking.
  2. Chose DFI, because I love their Bios': Exact values, instead of +/- from whatever default that you may or may not remember. All the adjustments you need, and more. VERY high quality. Nuclear color schemes may or may not be your cuppa...

    No EVGA? I like these for the same reasons as DFI, their support team is outstanding (easily better than DFI), no nuclear color schemes, and you have the option to purchase your video cards from the same maker. That last may seem like a small point, but don't underestimate the ability to respond to a tech's conclusion that " must be a problem with the video card" by pointing out to him "OK.. The GPU is also from you guys. So let's talk about that..."
  3. No room for evga, there is only 10 poll slots. It also slipped my mind when creating this poll. Sorry guys.
  4. You could have substituted eVGA for ECS.
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