Username vanished: Now running with default settings?

I think its a problem with Users. Under C:\Documents and Settings I have:
All Users
Default User
I think it started as Administrator instead of MYUSERNAME so its not seeing any of my settings. The bizarre thing is MYUSERNAME isn't in Control Panel, User Accounts. But there it is under Documents and Settings.

Can anyone decipher this mess please?

I was in the Group Policy making some changes. Wondering if there's anything in there that could have caused this. I'm suspecting it is.

When I Log Off, the only option is Administrator. MYUSERNAME is not there. Something is hiding it. Guest Account is disabled.
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  1. Is it foolish to run as the Administrator? I'm the only one on the computer but I heard that it makes you more vulnerable to online threats. I was thinking of copying my settings from MYUSERNAME to Administrator in Documents and Settings. Probably wouldn't work of course as Microsoft usually has an iron grip on stuff like this.
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