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Is there a way how to set password for Internal SATA 3.5" WDC disk ? Something similar like notebook disks 2.5 ?
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  1. AIUI, laptops write an ATA password to a hidden System Area on the drive. This area is inaccessible to the user. When the drive powers up, it does not permit read access to any data until such time as an ATA password challenge is satisfied. This means that the password challenge must come from BIOS, not via software. Therefore, unless your desktop has a BIOS that supports this feature, you need some other way to implement such a password.
  2. Yes, ATA PASSWORD can be set on any hard drive. In order to accomplish this, one needs appropriate software for setting ATA PASSWORD on any HDD, ie.: sth available here:

    Be careful: getting rid of the ATA PASSWORD from your drive may become a nightmare if you forget or loose the password. :non:
    BTW: The crew maintaining above webpage claim that they can recover the data from the HDD protected with ATA PASSWORD for you, just in case you need it...
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