Iomega STORCENTER IX2-200 cant access users

I have a STORCENTER IX2-200 CLOUD EDITION in my office with 3 machines hooked up via the router. I cant seem to access users when I enable the security. If i disable security i can get in. This is happening on Windows XP and 7. Can anyone shed any light?

If i enable security I get the following windows error: \\iomega\kate is not accessible. you miht not have permission to use this network resource. access is denied.

all the machines are logged on as administrator.

I did fix this problem although only for a few hours after speaking to Iomega. They advised to use the Net Use command and delete all connections. Ive forgotten what it was now as they remote accessed in.

Anyone come across this before?

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  1. If setting up a share, the net use command is typically:

    net use [driveletter:] \\servername\sharename /user:username [password] [/persistent:{yes | no }]

    You can put that command in a batch file and in your startup folder or use the persistent command so it "stays connected" between sessions.

    net use F: \\iomega\kate /user:kate myc0mpleXpassword

    Logging into the PC as administrator doesn't mean anything if you don't have an user named administrator in the Iomega with rights to the kate share
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