Pc is hot, doesn't start

so im playing Modern warfare 2 a saturday evening, ofc on the highest grafic option.. then suddently the pc screen turns black and my pc turns off. i check the Cpu fan.. thinking its maybe not correctly locked on the mother board. but it is... and while im wondering what else it could be, i feel some extremly heat coming from my pc. i check the graphic card, mother board. everything is hot, just my hard drives are not.

i didn't really care and connected the pc to the power supply and a orange led light turns on... i try to turn on the pc and suddently the light changes to red a led light, and the pc doenst start

i tried to remove the power supply cable and stick it in again, the same thing happens... first orange led light, then i turn on the pc, orange turns red. strange short noice from the pc / power supply...

i'm running vista and have a eliteXstream 800 as power supply...

please help me, what could be the problem? how can i solve it?
i think its something with my power supply but i'm a really idiot with pc's so i'm not sure
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  1. Your PSU took a dump. The nice thing about OCZ PSUs are the warranty. 5 years on that unit.


    That should get you in touch with them and on the path to a replacement.
  2. well, thank you...

    but how could that happen? i think my PSU is ''big'' enough for my games.
  3. If its getting that hot, the fan could have failed. Any moving part is prone to failure. Could be a component that burned up inside, the fan controller, lots of small little things. Capacitors and other parts can only heat and cool so many times. If there's one part that slipped through quality control, it can fail sooner than expected. So, not being related to capacity, just quality control.
  4. ahh i see. thank you
  5. i've just found out that when i turn on the pc after taking away power from my PSU, a little sparkle apears on my motherboard exactly at the same time as when i press the ON buttom.

    still just the PSU that had a dump?
  6. PSU plugged into the mobo still?

    All the capacitors will still be holding a charge, so those will discharge when you try to turn it on without power, but you shouldn't see any arcing. What mobo do you have and where on the mobo? If you can link in a pic from newegg and give a description that would help.
  7. sorry i decribed it wrong,

    When i remove my power cable for my psu so that there is no electricity in the system. when i then put the power cable in my psu again then the orange led light turns on and everything seems normal, but when i then try to turn on my pc, then there comes a little sparkle on my mobo.

    i have a MSI P45 Diamond, P45, Socket-775, DDR3,2000FSB OC,X-FI,ICH10R,2xPCI-Ex(2.0)x16
  8. http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=1ibqyb&s=6

    picture of my mobo with the place where the sparkle comes.
  9. Baro said:

    picture of my mobo with the place where the sparkle comes.

    time for a new board...
  10. http://www.ocztechnologyforum.com/forum/showthread.php?42995-800w-eliteXtream-broken&highlight=orange+elitexstream+800w

    Before going and getting a new mobo, which you may have to do also, get the PSU replaced first. It may have fried the mobo and putting a new mobo on a questionable PSU may fry that one before it ever gets to turn on.

    Does the LED always start out orange?
  11. yes, always, but then when i turn it on its turns red
  12. Since OCZ would want that unit back for the same exact symptoms, I'd take them up on it. If the system still doesn't post, then you'll have to get a new mobo, but I'd start with the free PSU replacement first.
  13. Well i bought the pc not even a year ago, and i have 5 years warranty on everything.. something more that could be fried?
  14. Was this built for you or did you build it yourself? If a prebuilt, just have the OEM deal with it. If you built it, then start with the PSU and go from there.
  15. me and a friend build it. so i should first first change the psu and see if its just the psu?

    But if the mobo is fried, wont it have effects on the new psu?
  16. Not the same as a bad PSU on a new mobo. Truth is, PSUs have protections built in to protect themselves from overvolting, shorts, overcurrent, etc. That red light on the PSU is what has me most worried and the fact that OCZ doesn't ask any follow up questions, just send it to us they say. If you're worried, see if they will RMA the mobo too, then you'll have both new parts. But that's up to you how many hoops you want to jump through.
  17. So i'll send my mother board, and the PSU back so that they can take a look at it and decide if they'll repare them or send me new ''parts''
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