Cooling my HTPC

I am building a HTPC to replace all the players that I have and have occasional gaming sessions, nothing too hard. I was thinking of going with Intel i5 2405S because of its efficiency and Intel HD 3000 graphics. At first I wanted a passive heatsink to reduce the noise even more but since the case it small, it's hard to fit a proper one and I'm not sure if its enought to cool it all during gaming sessions.

What do you guy think. Should I go for active or passive cooler?
Any other tips for cooling HTPC+entertainment rig?

Thank you all!
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  1. Sorry for double post but I dont seem to be able to edit my first post.

    I was thinking about using Cooler Master Vortex 211Q on that processor. It is small and looks like it is quiet! Anyone has any good or bad words about the product?
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