Single 5850 or CF 5770 or CF 4870

I am seeking help to make a final decision as to which GPU setup I should get.

Let's talk about speed and raw FPS. The CF 4870 beats everything according to the benchmarks, followed by CF 5770, and lastly the 5850. Each setup comes with a disadvantage though...CF is generally considered bad (I'm not sure why though, please tell), and single card is best. 5850 has DX11 support which is really important as I don't plan to upgrade my GPU for at least 3-5 years. CF 5770 has DX11 too, but it's a little slower than CF 4870...I think that's something I'm willing to sacrifice for DX11, but I'm not sure. I use my PC for heavy gaming and heavy digital arts (3d modeling/animation with Maya, 2d arts with Photoshop, etc.) if that helps. Thanks in advance.
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  1. Personally im about to go from a 9800 GTX to 5770 crossfire. The CF setup beats a 5850, and at rrp, you're sving a fair bit too.
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