Odd artifacts with AA in Crysis :O!

I'm having some odd issues using any type of AA in Crysis on my HD 4890 and before I wasn't. When I turn on and level of AA I start to get graphical glitches with the textures as if someones putting a window screen over some of the textures lolz its really annoying to say the least.
heres a few screen shots do give an idea of what I'm talking about :O
As you can imagine this is really annoying >.< and I know its not being caused by heat as I'm not OCing anything atm or ever have with this PC and at the time this happened my load temps were 27c (CPU) and 40c (GPU) so heats not an issue lols though I'm kind of thinking its driver related so I'll reinstall my last drivers an see if that helps, any other suggestions are welcome ^^
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  1. try to re-install game and see if that still happens....
  2. Pull the card and blow the dust out of it.
  3. jitpublisher said:
    Pull the card and blow the dust out of it.

    Its perfectly clean as I just dusted out my entire system a few days ago, I also don't get this AA issue in other games (Aion, Dragon Age, Oblivion) so I'll try a reinstall after I test reinstalling the old drivers (9.10).
  4. I have the same problem with ATI Catalyst 10.1 drivers. You ever find the solution? I've got two 4890s in Crossfire. Same thing.
  5. I'm having some strange issues with my 5970 with the 10.1 drivers as well in Crysis. Boxes will flicker with the flashlight on and some weird issues underwater.

    Didn't have the issue with the 9.12 I don't think. 10.1 are basically re-released 9.12 drivers and unless you have one of the advertised cards (5800 and 5700 series?) then there is really no reason to upgrade. Another crappy driver release from ATI, and not worthy of calling it 10.1 as they are practically the exact same with some added bugs for me.

    I'll downgrade to the 9.12 and see if it fixes the issue.
  6. Yes, please let me know if that fixes your issue. Crysis looks awful!
  7. My 4870 runs Crysis/Warhead fine with 9.12....try unis=nstalling the 10's and installing 9.
  8. Yeah, haven't gotten around to downgrading yet as the 10.1 drivers seem to run Oblivion a bit better.

    I know for a fact w/ the 9.12 I wasn't having the strange issues in Crysis, so i'd go with madass' advice and just go ahead and downgrade to 9.12. Good idea to boot into safe mode after uninstalling and running DriverSweeper to clean out any remaining files (which there will be,) to guarantee you get a nice clean install and shows Crysis as it was meant to be shown.

    Wasn't using the 9.12 hotfix at the time either. Never really experimented with it as the regular 9.12's seemed to work fine. Anyone upgrade to 9.12 hotfix and see any big differences?
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