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I'm having issues with my PC, when I press the power button. my computer starts up then restarts almost instantly without anything on the display. When it starts up again, again there is nothing on my display and it just idles there.

Here are my specs:

Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L
Nvidia GTS 8800
Intel Q6600
4 x OCZ SLI-Ready Edition 1 GB Memory (1066 MHz)
500 Gb Hard Drive

Is there anyone that has had this problem or can help me out?

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  1. Does this nothing also include no POST or bios etc?

    It sounds like a possibility of a power supply problem. What is your power supply? Has the system been previously working? If so, when did the problem start?

    A graphics card problem could also be the cause:
    As a troubleshooting step, remove the 8800 and attach your screen to the integrated graphics, then try booting.

    Are you sure there are no more additional relevant details you can provide?
  2. To answer your question, I have an Antec Earthwatts 500W and well, for at least a couple months my computer when it did work and I turned it on would do the same thing, it would start up then restart but on the monitor it would say "Recovering BIOS settings from hard drive" and would restart again after it finished and then it would boot to Windows fine. But now it just starts up initially, restarts and then just idles.
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  4. Did you try what I suggested with the video card? What were the results?

    That power supply is good. Hmm...

    "Recovering Bios settings from hard drive"
    ^that makes no sense, are you sure that was the error?

    "But now it just starts up initially, restarts and then just idles."
    I just want to be clear, right now I am assuming that the screen is on and it is just black the whole time now?
  5. Haven't yet tried but I will once tomorrow once I buy a VGA cable, searched around the house trying to find one since I only DVI cables. I think it's the RAM , I've had issues with it before and that was the cause of a intermittent BSOD that I get occasionally, the thing is I've tired combination of two sticks and the results have been the same, could all four RAM sticks be bad?

    Right now, the screen on my monitor is not on, I have a Dell monitor and it just gives me the orange standby light and not the green when it is turned on by my computer and there is no indication from my HD light on my computer that any HD activity is going on either.
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