Asus P8Z77-LX Overclock i5-2500k?

Can't find much out about this specific motherboard (the LX Version) and overclocking anywhere, anyone got any estimates on whether it can overclock the i5-2500k much?
Thanks -Tom
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  1. Well it's the top end Z77 chipset so has all the overclocking features of both Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge, and a mid to low end board with a 4+2 phase power design so I reckon a safe 4.5GHz OC with a decent cooler (Freezer i30 (decent) or if you want to spend a little more, Noctua NH-D14 (the top end of air cooling)).

    I have used the previous generation P8Z68-V LX (with the same specs, bar the Z68 chipset) in a 2500K build, so I can't really see the worth of spending the extra on the new board if you're buying a last generation chip.
  2. I've already bought the board (got it at a nice price), aha, thank you! :)
    How would a Hyper 212 Evo perform, I've read quite a few reviews that say it outcools the NH-D14 even though it's cheaper :)
  3. Try the built into BIOS AITuner, it'll try several OC options. And set it to the last safe settings.

    I could get up tp 4.2GHz in Turbo Mode on my Asus P8Z68-V Pro. THe only thing it changed was the max turbo to 42.

    Now, on my i7 2600K, I can get up to 4.4GHz, with BLCK at 103.00, and max turbo at 43, with my DDR3-1600 ram at 1648. Not alot, but enough.

    Although, I never really hit it. That's the great thing about SB and IB CPU, they run at minimal settings you need, to do what you are doing.
  4. 4.2GHz, isn't that a pretty small OC for the i5-2500k, I thought 4.5 was a stable / productivity normal standard for the i5-2500k OC? But thanks all the same :)
  5. Tcshad said:
    I've already bought the board (got it at a nice price), aha, thank you! :)
    How would a Hyper 212 Evo perform, I've read quite a few reviews that say it outcools the NH-D14 even though it's cheaper :)

    You're welcome :)

    It performs extremely well for the price, but I wouldn't say it beats the Noctua. Enough for a 4.5GHz OC though. For the OC, just do it with a multiplier increase and a voltage boost, I wouldn't suggest the built in overclocking utility.

    I suggest giving this a read:
  6. Thanks! One last question, what would you say the most stable OC (if any is) as I want to be using this processor for around 3years hopefully (unless computing gets VERY cheap and a LOT more powerful) aha :)
    So yeah, longevity:OC'dGHz, what're the lifespans like?
  7. As long as you keep voltages within reason and temps down (below ~60C max at load) then it shouldn't make much of a difference at all. The chip will, ruling out other problems, run for much longer than 3 years, even at that kind of OC. I wouldn't push it much higher though.

    Do you plan on leaving this on 24/7 or standard computer use?
  8. I don't know how the BIOS is on the Z77 P8Z77-V LX's/LE's, but on the P8Z68-V LX/LE, you can only adjust Vcore with offsets. I would hope that they changed that on the Z77 LX/LE versions, but if not, I can say from my own experience with the P8Z68-V LE that it makes it a little more difficult to OC with, since you don't know the exact voltage you're giving it until you get into Windows.

    Anyway, I have to use a +.025 offset (1.328-1.336V because it fluctuates) to be stable at 4.5 (my current every day OC). You're right though, that 4.5 with a 2500K is pretty much the standard every day OC. Also, I OC with the main multi, not Turbo multi's, myself.

    The only problems I envision with that board is the 4+2 Power Phase design. Less stable voltages mean less stable OC's as you go higher.
  9. Standard computer use, (which for me is like 8-10 hours a day on), I'm coming from a single core @ 1.6GHz in a laptop, so it's still gonna seem like Superman speeds to me :)
  10. Gaming, video editing, photo editing? :)
  11. Yeah, I'm a YouTuber (lets plays mostly, so recording gaming, making artwork) which is mainly what this is for, but also for watching movies etc :P
  12. Can I ask what graphics card/s you're using? :bounce:
  13. The build atm is still waiting delivery for the ram/hdd and optical drive (it's annoying)... But I will be using intel's integrated graphics for the time being, until June 1st (money day!) then I will be using a 6870 most probably :)
  14. Sounds like an awesome set up, best of luck :p

    Edit: What's your Youtube channel? :D
  15. TcshadIRL
    At the moment I do Pokémon let's plays (retro due to super sucky laptop) but I'm going to be doing loads of stuff as soon as it's all set up, and thank you! :D
  16. Subscribed :lol:

    You're welcome, good luck :p
  17. Double thanks for the subscription! :D
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