Ati Radeon HD 5870 vs 5850 ????

A friend of mine recomended me this site and after reading a few articles and threads you guys seem to know you stuff ( well more than me anyway ).

So to get to the point this is what I am considering to get - [...] =FS-030-OE

I am plannign to get it with the Antec 300 and Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit.

However I am kinda stumped when it comes to a GPU....
I was initially thinking of getting a GTX 285. But then the Ati 5000 siries came out and on paper it looks much better.
But then still within the 5000 siries is it worth paying the extra £80 for the 5870????????

Also is it worth considering getting a AMD x4 sicne i am getting a AMD GPU ???? :S ( The price difference is about £280 )

I will be using the system for maily gaming, watching movies and 3D rendering on Illustator and Photoshop CS4

P.S. if anyone can suggest another place to get a similar system for cheaper please tell me.

Please help me, and thanks in advance.
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  1. amd CPU should suit u better and ATI gfx is far better at hd movies viewing.
  2. "3D rendering on Illustator and Photoshop CS4 " -> Intel Core i7
  3. I'm not entirely sure that Antec 300 will hold the 5870 GPU you're considering. I'm pretty sure the 300 will only hold a 10.5 inch GPU... so 5850? Yes. 5870? Bad idea.
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