Degraded RAID60 during build

Hey guys,

I'm trying to build a RAID60 array using an Adaptec 6805 and 8x 1tb Seagate enterprise drives.
So far we're 40% of the way through the build (which has thus far taken over a day) but now we're seeing a warning that the RAID is already degraded (this wasn't present initially).

Is this something I should be concerned about?
We're on a bit of a tight timeframe on getting this up and running, so we may end up going back to our traditional RAID1 we've used in the past.

Does anyone have experience with RAID60's who may be able to shed some light on the warning?

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  1. Did you test each drive before using it? I typically burn each new drive in using hdd tune pro by doing several passes of in-depth error scanning.
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