i am confused as my psu reads

ac input 100-127V
can anybody tell me what acctually it means
and is 100V or 200V my psu's actual value
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  1. Welcome to the forums k2,

    Those are the allowable values of power that come from the wall. North America uses a 120v setup, Japan 100v, and Europe the 200-240 (usually 220) Instead of having 3 different PSUs with 3 different boxes that are identical besides the plug, they make it so it can work in any country and then just print the manual in 437 different languages. If you're PSU has a little red switch on the back, you'll have to select 115 or 230 based on what comes out of the wall. If there is no switch, then the PSU will detect the power coming from the wall and make the adjustments it needs. That's called Active PFC (Power Factor Correction) and is much better than the red switch.
  2. thnx a lot
    i am thinking of buying a new graphic card so i was wanting to know that wheather
    that ati redeon hd 4670 will work on my system
  3. The 4670 uses so little power, unless its a micro PSU for a HTPC, yes, it should work. The real stat that you need to look at though is where the +12v1, 2, 3.... says for amps. Should be on the side of the PSU. Do you have a model number I can look up?
  4. on my psu it's written:

    Ac input 100-127V - 6.0A
    50/60hz 200-240V - 3.0A

    i have branded Compaq PC so there is no name of manufacturer
    My PC model is "Compaq presario sr5060il"
    thanx again for your help
  5. Is there a chart on the side of the PSU with "+12v" in a box with a "xx a" below or next to it? Can't find any PSU info on the HP site. But like I said, the 4670 uses so little, I'm almost sure it will work.
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