2500K First Core is Cooler?

Hi TH!

I just built my first computer yesterday! :whistle:

So I decided to run a stress test with Prime 95 to look how things looked. It was still on stock speed. No overclocking yet.

I have a Hyper 212 EVO (w/ AS5 Thermal Paste) cooling a 2500K.

On RealTemp, there is one temperature that is confusing me. The first core is coming in around 45-46C. The rest of the cores are at ~52C. I then double checked with HWMonitor and the same temperatures are occurring. Why do you think the first core is so much cooler? Also, I think it might be a flaw in applying thermal paste. This was my first time applying thermal paste. (I used the "baggie method" that Newegg shows in their "Building a Computer" tutorial on youtube) Looking around on the internet, I've seen people saying that isn't the best way to apply it, in fact it's a bad way. It just seemed the easiest to me. So, do you think it might be a thermal paste problem and I need to reapply?

For reference, Idle temps are about 30C for all. Ambient temps are 25.5C.

Thanks for the help in advance!
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    Differences of 3-5'C are typical between cores. It can be due to a number of things such as thermal paste application, probe placement, probe calibration, load differences, etc...

    Typically though it's just how it is, one core may just always run cooler, or at least indicate that it's cooler.

    Anyways, completely normal. Nothing to worry about.
  2. My second and third cores always run hotter then the first and fourth by about 4-5°
  3. This is getting to be funny, my 2nd and 4th cores run hottest by 2-5C
  4. A 5 C difference between cores is not unusual.
  5. Thanks for all the help guys!
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