Gaming build help plz - $1500ish

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: With black friday coming up, I'd like to take advantage and say within the next few days

BUDGET RANGE: I'd like to stay under the $1500-1600 mark, but going a bit over isn't a big issue (esp if its for tax and/or s&h)

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: mostly gaming (SC2, diablo 3, aion, L4D2, etc), then internet browsing, watching shows/dvds/movies

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: my current computer is about 5-6 yrs old, and would like to replace everything

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: is what I use usually, but whatever can get me a good price for a good product


PARTS PREFERENCES: no particular preference, whatevers good for my purposes



MONITOR RESOLUTION: used to using 1280x1024, but whatever works

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Like I've mentioned, I made my current computer about 5-6 yrs ago. And I've managed to get by with few updates here and there, but it's getting old. I would like the new comp to be able to remain viable for at least another 4 years or so if its possible. Additionally, I need new everything, including keyboard, mouse, screen (preferably 20-22 inches or so), speakers, OS, mobo, HDD, etc and would also like a dvd burner/player.

Thank you for reading and your inputs :D
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  1. help plz?
  2. For me:

    One could build with faaar less than $1.5k for just 1280 x 1024 gaming ^^
  3. A suggestion:

    You got $150 left for keyboard, mouse, speakers and a case but it will probably blow your budget.
    Instead of the HD 5850 you might want to consider the 5770 as it's cheaper and unlike the 5850 available right now.
  4. $200 Core i5
    $170 ASUS P7P55D Pro
    $91 OCZ DDR31333 RAM
    $90 Corsair Tx650 Has $20 mail in rebate
    $330 2x Sapphire Radeon HD5770
    $95 Coolermaster haf 922
    $30 for DVD drive
    $140 Win 7 Pro 64bit OEM
    $35 Logitech MX3200 Keyboard and mouse This is a rediculous price and it's a good keyboard and mouse, i have it myself. paid twice as much tho.

    Total $1231

    YOu have plenty of room to buy whatever monitor u want.

    Don't know if the 650tx is enough for the 2 vid cards, i think it would be but u might wanna step up to the 750tx.

    I think the 5770's are going to give really good perfomance for a really good price.
    Either that or do what i'm going to do, get a HD5850 and add a second one later when u need it and when the price comes down a bit. Prob is u can't get the 5850 right now.

    anyways, this is something really similar to what i'm building.
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