My webcam does not work when connected via an extension lead, the webcam is 1.5m and the ext is 3m. I think maybe its not getting enough power (no LED).
I was thinking of changing USBPWR_ F jumper 1-2 to 2-3, would this help? what do those jumpers do? do i need to buy a powered hub? and could the problem lie elsewhere?
750watt PSU
GeForce 6100PM-M2 2.0
XP Home SP3

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  1. USB 1.1 max cable length 3 meters
    USB 2.0 max cable length 5 meters
    There are exceptions of course. Verify the extention cable is actually working.
    Refer to your motherboard manual, but I dont believe you want to change those jumpers.
  2. canadian69,
    It is USB 2.0 @ 4.5m, but it just don't work.
    Jumpers in position 2-3 enable to wake pc via USB KB/mouse, ECS support told me cause i couldn't find it in the manual. They suggest a USB Y Cable Extension, i may go for a powered hub.
    Thanks again.
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