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Core 2 quad exstreme

can any one tell me how hot dose the core 2 quad exstreme get with stock cooler :sol:
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  1. That would be highly dependent on what case and fans you are using. In a relatively good airflow case, i would guess around 40 - 50 idle & 60 - 80 load... The reason i have given such ballpark figures is because it really depends on a lot more than the cooler itself.

    But with that CPU i suggest and i'm sure everyone one else on TOMS will as well an after market cooler.
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    ...and it will depend if you are overclocking and by how far. shel0139 is correct - the stock cooler is ok - without overclocking. The Core2Quad Extremes will run up to 100C before the over temp kicks in and throttles them back. A good max temp would be 80-90C - but that dpends on your case getting rid of that heat fast...

    I would overclock my C2Q until I hit a constant 80-85C on a benchmark.

    Also the stock cooler is a little slow on spinning up and typically waits until 80-90C before spinning up (keep noise levels down).

    An aftermarket fan will dissipate the heat faster and run quieter ...
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