Newbie needs some video card recommendations ...

Building a new PC (actually, a friend is doing it for me :ange: ) and I've been out of the hardware loop for a while. Currently have a 6+ year old ATI Radeon w/ 128MB of RAM, a dinosaur in today's terms. :D

What are decent cards in the $75-$100 range or so? I would like to be able to play some games, but don't need the over the top super expensive cards. The Machine will be either a Pentium Dual Core or Core 2 Duo.

Advice appreciated, thanks!

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  1. HD4670, HD4770, GF9800GT
  2. Is that after MIR?
  3. That GTS250 is actually quite a great deal. Looks like etailors are trying to get rid of nVidia.
  4. bige420 said:
    Is that after MIR?

    Put it in cart to check and looks like all of it is mail in rebate.
  5. $80 rebate? That's totall bullsh*t...

    When the rebate is more than the actual cost after rebate, that smells fishy...

    $150 before rebate is overpriced, and the rebate is too huge of a risk to take. Galaxy GTS250s cost $99 without rebate at my local Microcenter.

    Get yourself a 4850 instead - performs the same as a GTS250 and costs around $100 without rebate.
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