I have been running a sempron 2400 on a ABIT NF7 board in my pc and have changed it for a athlon xp 3000+ barton core which is faster but now I am getting a message when booting up cpu has been changed and unworkable, on pressing f1 my system returns to normal and runs fine I know I have to change some software values in the bios but what ??? I do not know ???I need to know so as to clear the boot up message , can anybody help me run through what I have to do please to establish the processor values with the pc ??
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  1. You should reload the default setting in the BIOS, it shouldn't be hard to find, usually on the main menu. Otherwise you could remove the CMOS battery, unplug the PC then press the power button. Remove the battery for a few minutes, put everything back then defaults should be loaded once you boot up again.
  2. hi.
    thanks for answering the question but you say reload the defualt settings in the bios ??? as I am new to this problem not sure what you mean?? is that the menu in the bios along the bottom of the window or do I need to look for the defualt settings ???
  3. after you press 'delete' or 'F2' or whatever to enter the BIOS, on the main screen (it should be blue) there should be a 'load failsafe' or 'load optomize defaults'. Select that, if its not there, just look around for it. Otherwise just do the battery steps.
  4. cheers for that just needed that sort of info thanks once again will try
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