4 speakers with x-fi titanium

i have a 4 speakers system with onboard soundmax soundcard but it doesn't match my needs so i want to buy a Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium Sound card because i don't wanna spend more than 100$ for it.
oh, and i do all sorts of games and love musics. [:mohsentux:1]

so what do you say people should i go for it?or you know a better product.
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    No, there are much better options for a new sound card.
    For ~$90 you could get a much better sounding ASUS Xonar Dx (PCIe) or Xonar D1 (PCI).
    For $35 after MIR you can get a Xonar Ds with sound quality roughly equal to that Creative card.

    Creative's cards are really not a good choice.
    They offer sub par sound quality, have extremely pore driver and OS support and are quite over priced.
  2. @OP: By the way, the reason it looks like outlw6669 has set up camp here all alone to badmouth Creative is that nobody disagrees with him, and a "Me, too" post is considered bad form. But me, too, anyway. Mr. 6669 has become a sort of de facto spokesman contra Creative. Saves me a lot of typing.

    That Xonar DS is a steal at $35, but its SPDIF (digital audio out) is in the back surround jack, so you'd have to physically plug and unplug if you wanted to switch between analog speakers and digital out to a receiver. But if you don't want to do that, it's a steal.

    As an alternative to Asus, I've had pretty good luck with the Diamond cards, I can't believe it myself. I've had to futz with the drivers some, but they work for less money. Or, you could do what I do and browse Just bear in mind that they don't carry everything, and for games you definitely want Dolby Digital Live or DTS Direct. I'm running an Extreme Sound 7.1.

    Also by the way, four speakers is one fewer than you need. Get a subwoofer. A big one. With a ton of watts.
  3. One of these days I will have to put a sticky together and save us ALL some typing ;)
  4. thanx i'll try ASUS Xonar DX
  5. Now if you will stop suggesting Logitech speakers...
  6. outlw6669 said:
    One of these days I will have to put a sticky together and save us ALL some typing ;)

    I've been close to doing one myself.

    But yeah, on quality, Creative is dead last among all the major companies. Among stable drivers, Creative is also last. Theres really no reason whatsoever to buy a creative soundcard.
  7. astrallite said:
    Now if you will stop suggesting Logitech speakers...
    Dig it. Here's my Logitech horror story:

    I bought a Logitech cordless keyboard/mouse combo. It was so laggy I couldn't use it, and I returned it. In the short time I'd had it, I had installed their software. Later that week, I was closing Internet explorer when I found a popunder on my desktop asking whether I wanted to answer a customer-satisfaction survey from Logitech. THEY WERE RUNNING A PROCESS ON MY MACHINE THAT GENERATED A POPUNDER! I wrote them what I'm pretty sure was the nastiest e-mail I've ever written, and that's saying something, informing them that I considered what they did to be a drive-by install of malware, and letting them know that I'd never buy anything from their company as long as I lived, etc., etc., etc. At least it went away when I uninstalled.
  8. logitech not a standard when it comes to be speakers, well not any more

    tbf, you cant really blame creative for there speakers, there far better then their soundcard :D

    but still its not what id go for... im limited when it come to buying surround as i usually stick to the nice 2.1 setups
  9. and if i did want to do surround sound, then id use DD virtual speaker.
    hey! veg meat is better then no meat.
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  11. MEgamer said: cant really blame creative for there speakers, there far better then their soundcard :Dr...

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