Mysterious system shutdowns when overclocking my memory

Hey guys and gals(just incase....),
I recently Installed the following set of Corsair memory (it was on sale for 54.99..=D). I activated the XMP profile in the BIOS, and computer booted normally. However it shutdown shortly after loading the desktop. On every subsequent boot up, where the DRAM is clocked above 1066, it leads to computer shutdowns at random times, sometimes its during boot up (after the BIOS entry prompt splash screen), sometimes its at the log in screen, and sometimes it shortly after a successful log in. At the moment, my computer is running with the memory at 1066 and there are no issues. May I have some advise on what might be the cause of these shutdowns? I have some guesses, but I'd like to be more sure before I take my next step.
(Note: CPU-Z timings reads 8-8-8-20-86-1T , but this is while its running at 1066), I haven't been able to have my computer on long enough see what CPU-Z reads when I boot it up with the XMP activated... the profile uses 9-9-9-24 , which matches manufacturer claims)

There is another problem with my machine which may be related. My CPU core temps appear to be approaching between 90-100C according to hwmonitor (without any overclocking of any kind). I was wondering if the OCed memory might be speeding this up , and this is real cause of the shutdowns?
- supporting evidence for this: my comp shuts down on heavy loads, at non OCed boot ups.
My System:
- i7 920 ( at stock clock speeds, with stock cpu fan ( which is running at around 2.2k RPM according to hwmonitor)
- An Asus P6X58D Premium Motherboard.
- memory as listed above
- Sparkle 580 GTX
- Some Creative soundcard..
- a western digital 1TB hard drive

I figured, getting my comp cooler should be a first step, but I was wondering if there might be something else up?
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  1. Don't overclock RAM, well there is no performance difference!
  2. FIRST I would address the CPU temps approaching 100C this is WAAAYYYY more than I would be comfortable with...since you mentioned "HEAVY LOADS" the cpu is under when hitting these temps...and you said "appear to be approaching". Does this means the cpu was running cooler under load before as normal and this is a new occurence?

    Either way...I do not believe "at the moment" that your ram is the problem...when the I7-920 hits these high's thermal protection or your motherboard thermal protection is kicking in and shutting your computer down to protect the cpu and other components from damage.

    read here:

    These cpu's are capable of running at these temps (this is NOT a temp range I would be in any way comfortable with) but other limiting factors are the motherboard components that are also heating up, the ram is heating up and anything surrounding the cpu socket...the thermal load IS outside their acceptable operating temps and thus your system is being thermally shutdown to prevent damage primarily your cpu but also your motherboard components.

    Try addressing your cpu temps FIRST...the ram in no way will cause the cpu to run "Faster" since the cpu has its own set of instructions and the clocks that handle cpu speeds aren't effected by the ram...the opposite in fact is more true...the (IMC) or integrated memory controller for your ram resides "on die" meaning it's actually built into the cpu itself and the memory controller is what interfaces the cpu with the ram and the ram speed is controlled by that memory controller so the instructions that are given to the bus for the ram originate from the cpu>>>to the ram via the memory bus from the cpu to the ram itself... read this:

    this explains in detail how the IMC works and what it does in conjunction with cpu and ram passing data back and forth and how performance is affected.

    I believe the first issue and maybe the ONLY issue is your thermal problems with the cpu hitting these hi temps and thermal protection kicking in to protect your system from disaster.

    Good Luck and if fixing your temperature issue doesn't address your shutdowns I'll be very surprised...especially since you can't boot far enough to get to cpu-z...that sounds very much like your cooler is damaged, the fan isn't spinning on it, or your thermal paste between the cpu and the heatsink has dried out completely or isn't applied correctly and your processor is hitting a high temp very quickly and then your system shuts down to protect it...almost like you started the computer without a cpu cooler or get the drift.

    Good luck and let us know if the temps are the actual problem and what is causing these temps...a bad cooler or fan, a cpu that is faulty...incorrectly applied or dried out thermal paste or whatever you find!

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