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Hi all
Looking for a stockist of sapphire or equivelent of 5750 -512 - pci express. none avilable over here??? all have a 6 to 8 weeks delivery date, getting fed up of ordering eq't and paying only to be Told of Stock!!!!
Any help appreciated
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  1. Get a 4850 or 4770 (OC the 4770 a lil), they perform the same as a 5750, and are much cheaper. Only drawback is they don't support dx11, and runs hotter/uses more energy.
  2. Thanks
    Do you mean the 4850 runs hotter. Have 550w psu gigabyte p35 pci express 4 gig
  3. Yes. The 4850 runs hotter. The 4770 runs slightly hotter.

    Your PSU is fine, more than enough. If you have PCIexpress, you're fine. System RAM has no effect on GPU compatibility.
  4. Why do you think the 4770 runs hotter? Based on reviews, it runs cooler:
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