My Primary use of this desktop would be for practicing VMWarwe (ESX Server, Many Virtual Machines). I plan to buy AMD 1090T Processor, what mother board shall i go for? What other important things i should look for...
I have very little knowledge about hardware's.
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  1. well IMO any mobo with the 890g should do. you wanna make sure it has side port memory for the onboard gpu so it doesn't use any from the system. Other then that I would make sure it supports 16GB of ram as well.

    Try this gigabyte board for starters
  2. Thank you for your reply.

    1. I read in some forum about 890GX and FX...whats the difference? which should be better?
    And yes I don't play games in my computer...the pc should support VT technology (for ESX server, VMWare)...

    2. I always liked Asus, does Asus have anything good here?

    I am planning to go with 8GB DDR3...
  3. 1. I believe the 890gx has onboard graphics while the fx do not. since you didn't mention gaming or multi-monitor I assume the onboard should do just fine. If you plan on getting a seperate card then get an FX board.

    2. Nothing from asus I know of that has dedicated onboard video memory.
  4. U should not post ur email address in the thread.
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