Want to buy a case fan

Hi!! my cpu configuration is --

amd athlon x2 260 3.2 ghz proceesor
4gb starlite ddr3 1333mhz ram
gigabyte 78lmts2p motherboard
xfx amd radeon hd 6670 1gb ddr5
wd caviar blue 500gb
iball lpe223-400 smps
lg l1515s tft monitor
frontech nimbus cabinet

I want to install a cabinet fan for cooling purpose..
My budget is around rs.200-250(max)

Pls suggest me a good cabinet fan which would fit into my cabinet..

also if anyone can tell me how can i install the fan in my cabinet,i would be very helpful to me..
Thanks in advance..:)
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  1. Hello,

    by cabinet do you mean your computer case or a part of your desk that your computer sits in?
  2. It's the case but, I can find no information on that case... Frontech's website only shows current cases (they call them cabinets) and the Nimbus is not on the lists.
    If you could provide us with a spec link or pictures even to work from... otherwise we'd be guessing. Also, how many fans do you currently have in your cabinet and which way do they blow?
  3. how can i post the pics of my cabinet in the thread??
  4. i have a processor fan and a fan inside the psu..
  5. i meant the computer case.
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