What is my old system still good for? Linux? XP?

I have a 10 year old system that is currently biting the dust
It has a Pentium 4 at 1.5GHZ and 256MB of Ram
it has a dedicated Nvidia gfx card ( I do not know which card it is though)

also, it doesn't have an ethernet port (so I need ideas here)
I do not know what expansion slots it has, and its deep in my storage room so I wont go and check unless I have a real reason too

Recently I've gotten into web design and stuff like that
I'm not planning to host my site from it on linux
but I was hoping to install linux, put a remote control program on and use it from other places

so Linux? if so which one? one with a GUI please
XP, is not worth the hassle so nope :bounce:
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  1. Lack of an ethernet port is easy to fix - plug in card, about $20 the last time I checked.
  2. well...
    i reckon you should use either xubuntu or DSL (Damn Small Linux)

    both of these you run on your computer just fine

    and get that ethernet card like jsc suggested
  3. Ethernet card and Linux Mint. Linux Mint is very easy to use if you are new to linux.
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