Gainward GeForce GTX 275 => shutdowns

Hi guys.

I recently bought a Gainward GeForce GTX275 and it was immense. I installed it and everyting was looking awesome until I booted up a game and played for about a minute. Computer shut itself down. I rebooted and tried again. Another shutdown. After some research, it turns out that the computer will shut down at any sort of load higher than just browsing the internet. All sorts of games and applications such as 3DMark06 shuts the computer down.

The box says that I need a 550W PSU. The quickinstall-book provided in the box says I need AT LEAST 450W. I have a 550W, so I don't really get what's wrong. Maybe my PSU is underperforming. Anyway, I was thinking maybe I haven't wired it up correctly. It has two free PSI-E (?) slots on the back of it, and I have two of these cables coming out of my PSU. I plugged those in like I did on my old 9800GTX and I figured that would be enough. Have I done something wrong? There's a supplementary power cable in the box that they say I can / should use, but I don't see how that should make a difference?

Anyone? D: Should my PSU be enough for this graphic card or not? What might be causing these shutdowns?
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  1. How many amps do you have on your PSU? What brand is it? Are the two 6 pin PCI-e cables connected tightly?
  2. Meh, I'm not sure about the amps. I have a.. let's see. This link is in norwegian, but I think you should be able to dig some info of it. It's a Corsair Powersupply 550W Bulk. :<

    I'm pretty certain the two pins were connected tightly yeah.
  3. A little bump for great justice. Still wondering.
  4. Check your computer temps. Something might be overheating. Get Orthos and then RealTemp. Load both. See your temps.
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