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so, we have decided its finally time to upgrade my girlfriends pentium D 920, after much searching and discussion we have decided toget her a Phenom 2x3 720 BE at which point I will be giving over my Asus m4a78-plus board.

I am currently running a Phenom 2x4 955 bE on the above board with 8 gigs of wintec ddr2 800,(5-5-5-15-20) I'm handing down my Mobo to her as she wants the option to crossfire her radeon hd 4670, and I have no need to crossfire my card, the question I have is when i buy my new board, should I look into ddr3 support(most likely 1600+) and take a little longer to get everything back together(as i would need to buy the new memory, most likely one 2x2 gig module at a time) or stick with the ddr2 800, which as i 8understand i cant push to 1066 in dual channel with the phenom 2 chip.

these are the boards ive been looking at, full atx is of course preffered form factor

also, if the new board has SATA 6gb/sec, will it still support my 3 gb/sec drives or will they need to be upgraded as well?
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  1. Your drives will be ok as SATA is backward compatible. BIOS settings and drive jumper modification may be required.
  2. I would let her have the DDR2 memory with the old board (she probably has slower ram with her pentium D) and upgrade to a AM3 board with all the new tech.
  3. Actually once we replace the mobo and cpu the only thing left in her case from th original build wilol be her sata hard drive, her memory I think might even be better than mine already

    she has 4 gigs of A-data ddr2-800

    I'm using 8 gigs of wintec ddr2 800
  4. I was also thinking of building a System around AM3, DDR3 Technology, but I've been out of the loop. Are ASUS Motherboards still very good and if so what Model is preferred.
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