Overclock my 2500K using ASRock Extr4 Bios

Anyone have step by step instructions on how to OC this bad boy?

I go in the OC Tweaker in the UEFI setup and I can see the max core limit set at 33 (3.3ghz). If i raise that to 40, will that be all thats necessary to get me to 4.0ghz?

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  1. i have asrock extreme 3 motherboard and under tweaking/oc tab in bios it has pre set configurations going from 4.0 ghz turbo (my stock turbo is 3.5 in 2550k i think) all the way up to 4.8 ghz turbo. if you want to go hiher you have to apply the overlock settings yourself.
  2. Is that the first selection called LOAD OPTIMIZED OC SETTING? i just select say 4.0 and save and exit? no changes to voltage or it does it automatically?
  3. So i selected 4.0 and saved. but when it loads up, everything shows 3.3ghz still, coretemp, speedfan, my computer properties... did i do something wrong?
  4. I would just suggest not using the default OC profiles and to just OC manually. That way, you know exactly what your getting.
  5. what i did was on same spec i5 2500k asrock extreme 4 gen 3 i fallowed this guide
    and i'm running stable at 4.5ghz at 1.25v
    was messing around this morning got to 5ghz 1.44 didn't finish my prime95, was getting two hot if i had a better cooler i would of kept going.
  6. when i did it with out disabling some setting i was getting the same speed 3.3ghz etc
    if you want fallow the guide and you will see it will show your ghz
  7. I tried to follow that guide but i think its a little out of my league... i understand adjusting the voltage and multiplier, but when i get into the bios there are so many choices, at least 8 different items in the voltage control section alone. a preset seems more my speed...
  8. I have that same model board (P67 though) with an i7 2600K. I have multiplier set to 46, PLL voltage at 1.75, Short and long term duration power limit @ 200 watts, core current limit 200

    And Offset voltage @ +0.040 (1.32v). Even if you offset to -0.005, you should be able to do 4.0-4.3 (if not higher) with no problem
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