I5 2500k oc to 5ghz

hi. i was messing around with my cpu wanted to see if i can go to 5ghz not sure if i should stop or keip going this is whats going on so far

should i stop or go on i'm using a evo 212, asrock extreme4 gen 3, oc 5ghz at 1.42v its bin running for about 30min.
i stopped it cos i think its 2 hot not sure if i should go on.
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  1. Are you running into a CPU bottleneck with the work you are doing? If not, stop. You will have a longer life and healthier processor if you only make it work as hard as it needs to to fulfill your needs.

    Or are you just doing this for fun and don't need to worry about it smoking?

    If it were me, i would stop. Keep the screen capture and set it back to whatever setting best fit my needs.
  2. i was doing it for fun i will just leave it at 4.8 ghz @1.35 v core doesn't pass 75c idle at about 40-42c
  3. 75c is a bit hot, what cooler are you using?
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    5ghz on a hyper 212 EVO is really pushing it! The maxtemp for the 2500k is around 85-90C! If you want a 24/7 5ghz, you will be switching to a custom watercooling setup.
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