Word or Excel file hangs when being opened from a shared location

Hi all,

Windows Server 2003 SP2 - is sharing a folder, and the client PC's that are opening files on LAN.

There are 5 PC's 3 with Windows XP, one uses Windows 7 and another one Windows Vista, the problem is detected only on the XP machines. When users try to open a Word or Excel file it hangs, other files are opened instantly (*.pdf, *.exe...). They use Microsoft Office 2007.

What could be the problem ? Why Office files are freezing when being opened from a shared map ?

Please help me solve this issue, thank you in advance.

P.S.: I removed the "Microsoft Office File Validation Add-in" still the issue persists.
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  1. do the xp machines have sp3 installed? does office have all of its updates installed as well on xp?
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