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Can I use a pci-e X1 graphics card for physx or does it have to be pcie x16?

the card is an 8400gs pcie x1, would it work well as a dedicated physx card

I also have a 9400gt PCI but I dont think pci cards can be used for physx, what about pcie x1?

And one more question,
I ordered parts for a pc
core i7 860
msi p55 gd65
4gb ddr3

but the psu that i was planning to use died yesterday :(
i bought another one but now I dont have enough money for a video card. can I use one of the cards 8400gs/9400gt as my gpu???

obviously its a huge bottleneck when combined with i7 but I just need a working pc until i get enough money for a powerful card.
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  1. According to the Nvidia site, it's 8600's and above for PhysX cards.
  2. i thought it was any 8 series and above and reguardless of fit and bus, and i believe it all comes down to drivers anyhow aka is it 8+ series? if so it will work etc
  3. only the 8600gt or above works for the dedicated PhysX cards
  4. forget one thing 9400gt does not work as dedicated PhysX cards
  5. It wouldn't matter if it did as usually for dedicated PhysX a 8800/9800/9600 is the norm from what I have seen. An 8400 wouldn't have the processing power to do anything noteworthy.
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