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My desktop computer's internet works great, the minute I hook up to the router I get nothing, but all lights on all devices are where they should be, how often do Lynksys routers go out, and is there any way to tell?
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  1. Can you reach the router's setup pages -- I'd consult the quickstart leaflet which came with the router or see the manual (may be on CD that came with router or download it from Linksys site).

    Briefly, you connect computer to router by ethernet cable and type the router's IP address (usually or into your browser's address bar. You should be greeted by a login box Username is usually admin Password is usually password or admin.

    If you can contact the router that way, the router is probably working.

    What is not clear from your post is whther your internet is via a cable supplier or is ADSL (plain phone line). To troubleshoot any further, people on the forum would need to know.
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